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Brisker drives flexibility

Full-service HR service provider

Since 2018 Brisker is the umbrella for three strong brands: Pay for People, Holland Employment Experts and Tentoo. More than 200 employees work to increase the success of our clients. We take care of (payroll)administration, HR matters and even the complete backoffice so that our customers can focus on what they are good at.

Pay for People

Back office for intermediaries

Pay for People provides a complete back office for temporary employment agencies: contract management, time registration, payroll and HR administration. This allows intermediaries to focus on their core activity.

Pay For People

Holland Employment Experts

Direct Payroll & Highly Skilled Migrants

Holland Employment Experts takes care of the administrative and legal affairs for hiring highly skilled migrants, expats, international students and pensioners. We are preferred supplier of FME (entrepreneurs’ organization for the technology industry).

Holland Employment Experts


Direct & Freelance Payroll

As an HR service provider voor SMEs, self-employed persons and freelancers, Tentoo is the specialist in flexible employment. Tentoo takes care of remuneration, payroll administration, temporary employment and HR advice if needed. This way entrepreneurs can do their best business.


Specialist in flexible work

  • We support with payroll solutions and more
  • Tailor-made back office services with in-house software
  • Undisputed market leader for many years
  • Specialized in conducting the employership of own employees, freelancers and temporary workers
  • We support you in finding the right candidate
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Our mission

Making the labor market function better

Entrepreneurs should do what they are good at. By taking over the (salary) administration, back office and HR matters, Brisker ensures that entrepreneurs have the freedom and space to be successful.

Our strategy

A group of pioneers on the labor market

As a market leader Brisker is a pioneer for the labor market and Brisker makes the labor market function better. We strongly believe that permanent and flexible employment reinforce, support and complement each other.

Our core values

We are close to our customers

We are a group of companies. A group of strong brands. Brisker has an IT system developed in-house that is continuously adapted to the ever-changing demands of our customers.


We are the expert in labor market legislation and regulations. We always answer questions about working with temporary workers, your own employees, new highly skilled migrants, freelancers, self-employed workers, clients and employers accurately, substantiated and correctly.

Close to

The success of our customers and the satisfaction of the users of our services is paramount. We are a partner that thinks along and cooperates. We build long-term relationships. That means we are close to the customer.


Entrepreneurship is the core value we share with our customers. We encourage each other ánd our clients to discover and develop new products and services. We show initiative. With our services we give our clients the space to focus on growth.

At Brisker we see entrepreneurship as a necessity of life. For ourselves and for companies. Entrepreneurship motivates to step off the beaten path, leave the comfort zone and start the pursuit of continued success. That is how we make each other, our clients and Brisker bigger, stronger and better.


We combine our expertise with professionalism. We feel responsible for good service and correct advice. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Should something go wrong, we will provide a good solution.


The labor market is constantly changing and so are the questions and needs of our customers. We want to continue to grow, develop further and continue to lead the way. That is why our innovative capacity is decisive: we stay ahead of the competition and we serve our customers better. Now and in the future.

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We are always looking for ambitious colleagues

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As a developer at Brisker you are not limited

“As a developer at Brisker you are not limited to front-end, back-end or database work. With us, if you want this, you really get the opportunity to get started full stack”.

Devid Kapić CTO

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